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Dr. Joe Simon brings a unique perspective

to the rapidly changing world of healthcare.

Dr. Joe Simon’s career has made him uniquely qualified to help private practice owners achieve their professional goals. As a physical therapist, private practice owner, author, podcaster, and business partner in various health and medical practices, he brings a unique perspective to the rapidly changing world of healthcare.

Dr. Joe is an expert in growing businesses and private practices. He can walk into a private practice and immediately detect weaknesses and holes, and then gladly devote his time and energy into optimizing that specific practice. He has worked personally with over 140 private practice owners, 19 hospitals and 42 non-health related businesses to help market and grow their ideas.

As the founder of Private Practice Business Academy, he helps educate medical and health professional about how to be a successful “businessperson” while being an excellent doctor. (His PPBA podcast has a listening audience of over 20,000 healthcare practitioners.) As the co-founder of NYC Mastermind, he helps entrepreneurs to share ideas, have accountability, and take their business to the next level. As a Strategic Practice Investor, he helps select healthcare professionals multiply cash from niche medical, wellness, and physical therapy practices.

Most importantly, Dr. Joe is a devoted family man. He’s been married to his high school sweetheart for over eight years, and they raise their two wonderful daughters outside of New York City.

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