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How do I work with Dr. Joe?

Just click the “Schedule Call” button in the top right corner of this page. It only takes a two 15-minute phone calls over the course of a couple weeks to begin the journey to a more thriving practice.

What makes Dr. Joe different from marketing agencies or other experts?

Unlike marketing agencies, Dr. Joe is a private practice owner himself. Every concept and strategy he’ll teach you has worked before in his own private practice. He has also spent years studying deeply across a wide range of industries, so he’s an expert in both healthcare and business, while his competition may be only experts in one or the other. Also, no one else is offering to help you establish a tested revenue stream that puts cash in your pockets right away.

Will a partnership with Dr. Joe change the legal structure of my practice?

No. Your private practice + Dr. Joe does not equal a franchise. You retain your business name.

Will other private practice owners know I’m partnering with Dr. Joe?

No, he will be completely behind the scenes. Only your staff will be aware of his presence. You can take credit for all successes, and he will gladly be the scapegoat related to employees or patients.

Will implementing new revenue streams take away from my current practice?

Nope! Adding a service (like, say, acupuncture) will not dilute the practice you’ve already built up. The goal is to streamline and maximize the practice you already have, while simultaneously adding new revenue streams. By doing this efficiently and strategically, you will actually be less overwhelmed while having a more profitable practice.

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