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When it comes to growing any business or private practice, it is all about focusing on the client/patient—their wants and their needs.

And in the healthcare industry, it is even more important to demonstrate that your business is going above and beyond to address client cares and needs.

In this episode, I interview Mandy Chamberlain, an occupational therapist and founder of

Seniors Flourish is a website and business engineered to help seniors and their families find the best healthcare products and services on the market. It is laden with helpful information and distributes it in a personal, caring way.

Mandy believes in putting her clients’ needs first.

That belief has been her fuel in building her website into what it is today, and she continues to shape all of the feedback she receives into the continual evolution of the site.

As we dive into this interview, Mandy will illustrate the keys to her website’s success, specifically, she’ll talk about her strategic use of YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, to target new customers and clients with a highly personal approach. 

When you walk away from this episode, I hope you’ll have learned about more than just the great resources available at Seniors Flourish—I hope you’ll have a completely clear insight into Mandy’s marketing strategy, and how that strategy can be applied directly to your business.

04:47 – Joe introduces Mandy Chamberlain, an occupational therapist and founder of

05:23 – Mandy explains her background and achievements.

05:46 – Mandy started because she found a need for it.

06:27 – Joe wants listeners to hear about this site.

07:07 – The site is geared towards seniors; why would you target that population?

07:27 – “Being in a rural community, you become a jack of all trades.”

07:54 – From her experiences, Mandy has a special connection with the older population.

08:30 – Families needed advice on what was best for the older people in their families.

09:15 – The website is geared towards caregivers, and is based on needs that Mandy has found.

10:07 – How do you to target caregivers?

11:00 – Through affiliate marketing (explanation of affiliate marketing).

16:22 – How did you figure out which products to put on the site first?

16:40 – It started with the product she was already working on herself.

17:35 – The big-ticket items are the ones that people have more questions about.

17:56 – Mandy only reviews the items she has used.

18:14 – People love reviews and star ratings.

20:01 – When did you start using YouTube videos?

20:22 – Mandy just started the YouTube videos, to reach out to people with more visuals.

21:35 – Joe invites listeners to check out the YouTube links.

22:45 – Are you using Pinterest as well?

22:59 – Mandy finds that Pinterest reaches therapists and caregivers.

23:21 – She is now pushing Instagram and seeing success with that.

24:34 – Test what social media works to reach your audience.

27:22 – Is Facebook working for you?

27:40 – When she writes her posts, she has a vision of her audience.

29:25 – Joe does the same thing in his marketing.

30:25 – Her ideal client is on Facebook, so she is starting to grow that area of marketing.

31:09 – She gives good advice to people’s questions in Facebook groups.

33:50 – Joe discusses that her process is very successful—she is listening to her audience first and providing their need.

34:54 – Her vision is evolving according to need.

35:40 – Her next plan is to have testing groups that provide feedback for new services.

36:07 – Joe discusses his experiences with creating a marketing campaign.

38:02 – Joe closes the interview

38:22 – Go to the contact page at to get in touch with Mandy.