[Tweet “Even though your heart is fully committed to helping your patients, your practice is a business first and foremost”]

If you want to be able to help patients long term and sustain practice growth, it’s absolutely critical to look at your staff and marketing efforts with an objective eye, because better businesses are powered by great employees and great marketing.

To take your practice to the next level, start learning from practices with a proven growth strategy and see where you can make improvements to your business.

In this episode, I have the privilege of interviewing Jerry Durham, owner of multiple therapy practices and physical therapist of fifteen years.

Jerry Durham is a man who knows his practice is always performing at its peak because of the intelligent business strategies he has put in place.

Fifteen years after he opened his first practice, Jerry understands the business side of medicine now more than ever. He knows how to maximize the patient experience while still hitting revenue goals, and he knows all this thanks to the mistakes he’s made in the past.

Listen as Jerry shares his knowledge talk about:

  • The importance of pairing staff with personality profiles
  • Superior strategies for networking
  • How to seek advice from business professionals
  • The power of Twitter as a network amplifier

During the first half of this two-part interview, you’ll hear some great golden nuggets on practice improvement directly from Jerry’s past. As you listen, I recommend taking notes of what he does differently from you, and how those difference might be the key to unlocking the full potential of your practice. If you want to meet Jerry in person then check us out at the PT Biz Success Series Oct 7th and 8th

Show Notes

00:21 – Joe introduces the show

00:45 – Sponsors include Private Practice MBA and Practice Alpha

03:40 – Joe invites listeners to connect with Joe through email and social media

03:27 – Joe introduces Jerry Durham, owner of San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy

03:54 – Jerry talks about his achievements as a physical therapist.

04:55 – Why do you have such a positive perspective on the future of PT?

05:48 – Jerry tells about a phone call that he got about software development in PT

06:55 – Roles changing in PT

07:30 – Joe talks about changes and scares due to Obamacare

08:28 – How do you see the staff changing in the last few years?

08:45 – Jerry touches on the “win” that people are calling your office

09:18 – We mapped on the “patient experience,” focusing on the customer.

10:03 – Non-licensed professionals have the majority of interactions with customers.

10:30 – All the staff need to know “what’s being promised and what’s being done.”

11:08 – Joe talks about an employee who had an issue with the front-desk staff getting higher treatment

12:30 – What are your thoughts on the training process and personality profiles?

12:55 – “If your hiring system is set up properly, then you should be getting the right people through the funnel.”

13:10 – Jerry is a big believer in personality profiles.

14:15 – What have you learned in the last fifteen years with your practice?

15:00 –  Jerry has learned a lot over the years through trial and error.

15:24 – Resources were more limited when the business got started.

15:55 – “We were only as good as the network we had.”

16:20 – “Seek experts from outside your profession.”

18:20 – Jerry is very passionate about physical therapy

18:58 – “We are a business that supplies physical therapy.”

20:55 – Why Twitter? How has it helped you?

21:41 – Jerry tells about five years ago when he started getting involved in Twitter.

22:40 – Twitter is a marketing tool.

23:12 – Jerry began to use Twitter to connect with PTs

24:02 – “People want genuine.”

25:25 – Twitter is a source for information

25:45 – Jerry is not using Twitter to get patients

27:05 – Twitter is used more for networking.

27:45 – Joe talks about his PT Boardroom Dinners