In this episode, Joe interviews Mike Novosel, VP of In Hand Health.  This company developed applications that can extensively help therapists and other practitioners stay connected with their patients remotely.

Imagine for a minute that your patient that lives too far from your clinic but still continues to receive treatment from an app that you can upload their treatment protocols.

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Listen as Mike shares the benefits of their app, how clinics and practitioners monetize from the app, and the possible expansion of In Hand Health’s platform to other fields.

  • 05:19 – Joe introduces Mike Novosel
  • 05:43 – In Hand Health developed a solution for Physical Therapists to monetize their work remotely
    • 05:53 – In Hand Health built a patient engagement solution
    • 06:40 – PTs cannot necessarily see a lot patients in a day
  • 08:30 – “We are better than an e-commerce solution”
  • 09:25 – Patients are looking for value for their dollar
  • 09:35 – “Physical Therapy is for life”
  • 10:08 – In Hand Health app provides direct access to the therapist
    • 10:28 – Everything happens around the application; no need to give phone numbers
  • 10:44 – Mike shares how to use the app during an accident that happens over the weekend
  • 11:18 – “Therapists should always be involved in the process”
  • 11:38 – In using the In Hand Health app, extended help can be prioritized
  • 12:30 – Therapists can also monitor the exercise activity of their patients
  • 14:50 – Mike shares how athletes have been using the app
  • 16:18 – Patients are more connected to their therapist now more than ever before
  • 16:56 – As of the moment, smartphones are what most people are using to connect to the internet and having the In Hand Health app on their phone is very convenient for them
    • 17:25 – Patients leveraging mobile access to health care
  • 18:36 – Patients will skip services if they don’t see the value
  • 19:20 – Having the visual app for the therapist to see what their patients are doing is very helpful
  • 19:41 – Joe discusses how therapists work with athletes
  • 20:50 – There’s a fee to license the technology to the clinic for $49/month for 200 active patients
  • 21:43 – Mike brands their product as “Continuing Care”
  • 21:50 – In Hand Health has partnered with Braintree to process the payment transactions
  • 22:53 – Clinics can add their own service or product and set the fee
  • 24:00 – 70% of the fee goes to the clinics and 30% goes to In Hand Health for the first $100
  • 25:01 – In Hand Health app is free to download
  • 26:30 – In Hand Health doesn’t mandate what the clinic does with their fee to the patients
  • 27:38 – There’s a one-time fee and separate fee depending on the patient’s service
  • 28:39 – In Hand Health provides the platform and depending on the clinic, there could be a monthly recurring fee
  • 30:00 – Mike and his team are currently focused on Physical Therapy
  • 30:40 – Home health care is also an interesting opportunity
  • 30:52 – Mike’s Therapist Essentials app
    • 31:33 – The exercises are in videos
    • 32:05 – This provides opportunities for therapists to film their exercises in real-time and upload them to the app
  • 32:47 – The home health care provider saw the Therapist Essentials app and told Mike that the nurses can use it when they go out with their patients
  • 33:18 – The videos filmed in the Therapist Essentials app can be set on private and can only be used by that specific patient
  • 34:40 – Therapists and other practitioners can expand their patient base by using the apps
  • 35:19 – Visit com to know more about Mike’s business and try their FREE model
  • 37:38 – Leave a feedback for Mike’s app through Private Practice Business Academy

3 Key Points:

  1. Sometimes, our passion is taken when we wear the wrong hat so FIND your “hat” and consider it your superpower!
  2. Make sure the service you’re offering has VALUE; if there’s value, it will be used!
  3. Being connected does not only provide continued care for patients—it provides peace of mind.

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