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Every successful physical therapy practice needs a healthy, sustainable model for patient acquisition. However, the unfortunate reality is that very few practices actually have one.


Most physical therapists rely on intermittent doctor referrals and participation in local events as a source of new patients. A pattern that is both inefficient and risky. Ask yourself this question, if those intermittent referrals stopped coming in tomorrow, would my practice survive?

It is a scary proposition.

But that’s where today’s guest, Jeffery Hirz, comes in.

Jeffery owns a digital marketing agency called Hemmingway Marketing. His company partners with chiropractors and other medical practice owners like physical therapists to bring new patients in the door with predictability.

Jeffery’s mission is to help doctors and therapists eliminate the pain-point of patient acquisition, so they can better focus on eliminating the pain-points of patients.

Through strategic Google and Facebook ad campaigns that place an emphasis on advertising the condition (pain) as opposed to the therapy practice (solution), Jeff can bring his clients anywhere from20-30 new patients every month.

Taken over a year, that’s anywhere from 240 to 360 additional patients and revenue streams.

Think about that for a moment. What would an extra 240 to 360 patients do for your billing hours? How much would that help your bottom line?

Exciting, isn’t it?

Tune in to hear Jeff and I speak in greater detail about how his company is changing the game for several therapy practices, and learn why he believes every therapy practice—yes, even the successful ones—could benefit from the services of Hemmingway Marketing.

Time stamped show notes:

  • 00:21 – Dr. Joe Simon introduces the show
  • 00:33 – PBBA’s first quarter was a blast
    • 00:57 – “In 10 years, this is the best January we’ve had”
    • 01:20 – PBBA has increased its revenue stream
    • 01:53 – “You need more revenue streams to fund your business, to fund your lifestyle”
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    • 02:23 – It is a private and limited workshop
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    • 02:50 – You will have a call with Dr. Joe to see if you’re fit for the workshop, at the moment
    • 03:02 – The workshop will be in New York
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  • 04:40 – Dr. Joe introduces Jeffrey Hirz
  • 05:10 – Jeff has been in private marketing for 5 years and in online marketing for 10 years
  • 05:14 – He started his company, Hemingway Marketing, a few years ago
  • 06:40 – Most practice owners don’t have a model for predictable patient acquisition
    • 06:58 – “They don’t have patients unless they go to events”
  • 07:13 – Jeff was able to put in a digital advertising system that predictably drove patients to practice owners
  • 07:35 – Jeff believed that practice owners’ time should be spent on patient care and not on finding patients
  • 08:11 – Most practice owners are technicians
    • 08:23 – They are not really educated in business, especially not in marketing
  • 09:00 – Jeff shares the types of practice owners they’ve worked with
    • 09:06 – They’ve been in the industry for 30 years and struggle with diving into the digital space
  • 10:02 – Jeff shares the number of people they can drive to the practice owners
  • 10:50 – Social media changes the way how people find a service or someone
  • 11:37 – Jeff shares the platform where patient acquisition is more possible
    • 12:11 – Facebook ads and Google AdWords are the platforms where Jeff focuses his efforts
    • 12:21 – The platforms are changing and adapting
  • 12:40 – Jeff shares the type of ads practice owners are using on Facebook
  • 13:12 – People don’t care about the service, but they care about their pain
  • 13:38 – “You don’t want to market the service, you want to market the condition”
    • 14:17 – When you market the condition, the results just multiply
  • 14:40 – When you do your marketing and advertising, even in brochures, don’t list the services you offer but how you can eliminate their pain
  • 16:20 – There’s a growing distrust in mainstream medicine
  • 16:41 – If you’re only offering one service, that is only one piece of the puzzle
    • 17:07 – The opportunity for growth is much more possible if you incorporate medical services
  • 17:15 – Jeff shares how his wife, a chiropractor, makes her patients happy
    • 18:05 – The range of conditions they treat is broader
  • 18:30 – There are people with multiple conditions, but they only seek for one solution
  • 19:30 – Jeff shares how a practice owner can improve his marketing strategy
    • 19:40 – Bring in a marketing person and get him heavily incentivized
    • 20:25 – Don’t do the marketing work by yourself; it’s not your specialty
    • 21:15 – “Marketing is an investment upfront”
    • 22:11 – Focus on what really matters
  • 22:30 – Dr. Joe shares how he was stuck in the same situation as Jeff’s clients and needed to invest in marketing to build his company back up
  • 23:15 – Hiring a marketing person is tough and if they don’t produce, you don’t have to pay
  • 24:30 – Jeff shares how he convinces practice owners who are already earning well without the help of a marketing team
    • 24:40 – Jeff simply points them to the numbers (ex. you can acquire 20-30 more patients/month with this much of an investment)
    • 25:55 – Practice owners realize the they really need to invest in marketing in order to grow
    • 26:03 – Practice owners should also hire someone who has proof that they can deliver
  • 27:16 – Everything is tracked and you can see the results of their marketing efforts
  • 27:46 – “It’s worth the investment—it’s worth the risk to try something new and see the result”
  • 28:13 – There are still agencies who are offering the retainer model which is not a versatile model
  • 29:08 – Having a versatile model can build people’s trust
  • 29:46 – Check out Hemingway Marketing
  • 29:51 – Find Jeff on LinkedIn
  • 29:57 – Call at 440-781-3469
  • 32:00 – Please leave us a review on iTunes!

3 Key Points:

  1. Market the condition, NOT the service itself—people don’t care about the service, they care more about the pain.
  2. Marketing is an upfront investment; hire an expert that will give you results.
  3. Hiring out for your marketing frees you up to focus on what really matters—patient care.