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Facebook has transformed what it means to advertise with precision and accuracy, offering businesses both big and small highly-focused consumer targeting that brings the biggest bang for the fewest bucks. x With as many as 1.2 billion (yes—that’s billion with a “b”) active daily users, Facebook gives marketers and advertisers a single point of access to every type of person imaginable, regardless of traditionally limiting demographics like age, race, profession, location, or socio-economic standing.

So, when physical therapy practices need to broaden their patient base and bring in new business, there are few mediums as effective as Facebook for doing so.

And few people know this reality as well as Callum Davies, an industry-leading Facebook advertising specialist who helps physical therapists and chiropractors attract new patients, particularly patients who have suffered automotive-related injuries.

Using copy that stresses both urgency and scarcity, Callum crafts creative, impactful Facebook advertisements that help his clients acquire leads for as little as $2.50 each.

And by focusing the campaigns he designs on local geographical targets (within five to ten miles of his client’s offices) Callum is making sure a sizable percentage of these two-dollar and fifty-cent leads convert into paying patients worth hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to his clients.

The level of success Callum has achieved thus far—not only for himself, but his clients as well—is why his status as a Facebook marketer is skyrocketing.

In this highly-informative, highly-candid conversation, Callum and I sit down to discuss his origins as a Facebook marketing expert, his theory regarding Interest-based Targeting vs. Behavioral Targeting, his strategy for testing different geographical markets for advertising, how his strategies can be applied to physical therapy offices, and much, much more.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 04:35 – Dr. Joe welcomes Callum Davies, a world leader in Facebook as a specialist for auto injury ads
  • 04:56 – More listeners are asking advice about how to run Facebook ads
  • 05:29 – Callum runs Facebook ads because it’s an area of advertising where chiropractors struggle
  • 06:01 – He spent $40K for an education in ads
  • 06:12 – He lives in London, but is moving to Boca Raton in May
  • 07:09 – Facebook has 1.2B daily users – it’s the platform that gives you access to the most people
  • 07:35 – Facebook gives you every type of person
  • 07:39 – Any kind of business should be on Facebook because of the large audience it provides you
  • 08:01 – Adword Ads vs. Facebook Ads
  • 08:22 – In Facebook, money is NOT going to be wasted on the wrong people
  • 09:33 – Let’s say a client spends $500 and doesn’t get a return—what went wrong?
    • 10:16 – When it comes to auto entry, 90% of success comes from targeting
    • 10:32 – Some marketers are too lazy to delve deep enough into the platform
    • 10:44 – Always check your landing pages
    • 11:08 – Check your copy, it needs to convey urgency
    • 11:26 – Use scarcity to create the urgency
    • 11:59 – The biggest thing to check is the actual radius of your ad for the people you are targeting
  • 13:51 – Getting a radius of clients that are within 5-10 miles of your business gets the best returns
    • 14:29 – Even if you’re in a 5-10 mile radius, your services MUST be set apart from the ones in the same area and this is conveyed through your copy
    • 14:54 – Generally, a 5-10 miles radius works best, but it still depends on the city
    • 15:39 – Make 10 miles your limit
  • 16:06 – Facebook is not allowing certain words to be said in the headline and copy
  • 17:03 – Facebook’s algorithm is hard to understand – you can email a representative for help
  • 17:28 – Ads get rejected when you call out specific attributes
    • 18:12 – Never call out a specific attribute – phrase your sentences as a statement, NOT a question
    • 18:31 – Rather than saying “Are you experiencing pain?”, say “If you’re experiencing pain…”
  • 19:00 – Don’t worry about it when your ads get rejected; just make sure you have 10 approved ads for every 1 rejected ad
  • 20:44 – If you have an agency that isn’t running your ads on your ad account, talk to them and make sure they run it on YOUR account
    • 20:58 – The issue with this is that you don’t get the data if it’s not on your account
  • 21:21 – Callum runs all his ads from his clients’ accounts, so the data is transparent and the client can see exactly what he is doing
  • 21:42 – Conversions and leads are the only things that matter in terms of the data you receive
  • 22:21 – Callum is averaging about $2.50/lead for his clients when it comes to the ads
  • 23:05 – “One word on your landing page can make all the difference”
  • 23:17 – The ad gets the click, the landing page persuades people to act
  • 23:41 – The “thank you” page encourages people to call your practice
  • 24:58 – Add enough urgency in your copy
  • 25:54 – The majority of ads offer a free service
  • 27:52 – Dr. Joe always discusses the right way to target ads with his clients, as this is their usual struggle
  • 29:13 – When targeting, understand that you’re looking for the specific interests of a target audience
    • 30:08 – Go through all the brands of your target industry and type them in the targeting section
    • 30:25 – If your audience is small, you can still build your audience with algorithms
    • 30:48 – But, the best way is targeting people based on an interest
  • 31:19 – “Test what works best for you” in regards to radius targeting
  • 31:43 – Interest-based Targeting vs. Behavioral Targeting: Facebook can track what you like and dislike and also the activities/behaviours that you engage in online and offline just by watching what you do on Facebook
  • 32:52 – Facebook knows everything about you – which makes targeting more powerful
  • 34:00 – Reach out to Callum on LinkedIn
  • 34:20 – Callum’s specializes in executing the entire ads process for chiropractors and physical therapists
  • 35:20 – He also does a little coaching on the side
  • 38:20 – Callum’s niche is “getting people calls” for local businesses
  • 39:27 – Please leave us a review on iTunes!

3 Key Points:

  1. Facebook ads have the ability to reach a specific, target audience; you won’t waste money on unqualified leads.
  2. 90% of your success from Facebook ads come from your targeting—aim for people that are within 5-10 miles of your business.
  3. Remember to create a sense of urgency and scarcity in your copy; this will set you apart from your competitors.