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Your Therapy Practice is a “Business” First and Foremost – Private Practice Business Academy

Jerry Durham is a man who knows his practice is always performing at its peak because of the intelligent business strategies he has put in place.

The Employee Engagement Matrix & Dr Sean Flannagan – Private Practice Business Academy

The difference between having a successful practice versus a struggling practice isn’t rocket science—it all comes down to a few small things that make a HUGE difference.

Today I’m thrilled to share those differences (and more) during an interview with Dr. Sean Flanagan, a physical therapist in Phoenix who runs four booming practices.

So how did Dr. Sean manage to create four full and successful therapy practices? Did he find a way to be in four places at once? Learn more about the Employee Engagement Matrix today.

How Delivering Value First Changed Her Entire Business Model. – Private Practice Business Academy

When it comes to growing any business, it is all about focusing on the client—their wants and their needs.

And in the healthcare industry, it is even more important to demonstrate that your business is going above and beyond to address client cares and needs.
Mandy will illustrate the keys to her website’s success, specifically, she’ll talk about her strategic use of YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, to target new customers and clients with a highly personal approach.

Behind the Scenes Facebook Marketing for YOUR Private Practice – Private Practice Business Academy

Behind the Scenes Facebook Marketing for YOUR Private Practice – Private Practice Business Academy

Facebook has transformed what it means to advertise with precision and accuracy, offering businesses both big and small highly-focused consumer targeting that brings the biggest bang for the fewest bucks. In this highly-informative, highly-candid conversation, Callum and I sit down to discuss his origins as a Facebook marketing expert, his theory regarding Interest-based Targeting vs. Behavioral Targeting, his strategy for testing different geographical markets for advertising, how his strategies can be applied to physical therapy offices, and much, much more.

The Tupler Technique is Ripe for Market Expansion…Are YOU? – Private Practice Business Academy

The Tupler Technique is Ripe for Market Expansion…Are YOU? – Private Practice Business Academy

Tune-in to hear Julie and I discuss the origins of the Tupler Technique®, how she created a business model around her technique, how she grew her Tupler Technique® practice, and much, much more
In fact, her technique has been so effective, it’s now being used by men, abdominal surgery patients, and back-pain sufferers, in addition to pre- and post-natal women.

Not a bad marketplace expansion, right?

Measuring Metrics to Increase Revenue for Private Practices – Private Practice Business Academy

Measuring Metrics to Increase Revenue for Private Practices – Private Practice Business Academy

Winning medical practices (like winning businesses) net 20-30% in profit, quarter-over-quarter, but many of the practices out there are lucky if they bank 10%. And it’s about more than overhead costs and profit margins—new patients, new visits, reimbursement percentages, cancellation rates, retention rates, referrals versus avails, a winning medical practice knows the numbers behind all of these KPIs. Metrics are what enabled Andrew to step back and look at his practice objectively so he could start managing it in a manner that generated real revenue.

Leadership and Systems, Cornerstones to Success in the Private Practice – Private Practice Business Academy

Leadership and Systems are the cornerstones of every successful PT practice.

They are the components that allow you to amplify your knowledge, your skills, and your reach—three things you’ll need to be able to do if you actually want to scale-up. The more you demonstrate leadership—and implement systems capable of imposing both your knowledge and leadership—the more your employees will be able to grow your business and their expertise.

Establishing a Private Practice Brand – Private Practice Business Academy

Physicians, physical therapists, and other medical professionals are transitioning to a personal brand through private practices with ever-increasing frequency—a frequency that’s being driven by the lure of greater operational freedom and economic prosperity. For nearly 40 years, Paul has been working with marked success as a physical therapist, which means he not only knows the risks and benefits associated with starting a private practice, he knows what people need to do to be successful in setting up their own.

Is the Business Model of Private Practice Broken? – Private Practice Business Academy

What if somebody told you the business model of private practice is broken? Well, maybe not broken, but certainly misaligned. Misaligned with patient interests. Misaligned with the medical provider interests. And misaligned with everybody’s financial interest. You’d probably agree with most—if not all—of that statement.
But what are you doing to change the game and shift the paradigm? Are you making waves and taking steps to breakout from the burdens of your current business model?

Your Business is “Physical Therapy” First and Foremost Part 2 – Private Practice Business Academy

THIS EPISODE, I CONTINUE MY CONVERSATION WITH JERRY DURHAM, WHO WILL GIVE US MORE INSIGHT INTO HOW HE’S CULTIVATED A BLOSSOMING PRACTICE. In addition to our conversation on social media, Jerry and I will discuss the pitfalls of pride—source of some of the most spectacular downfalls in the history of healthcare. But as Jerry explains, while pride can certainly cripple our ability to succeed, it can also empower us. When we can harness the power of pride to do something constructive (like hire an amazing therapy team) we help our practice thrive

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